Advanced dashboard with multiple excellent statistics and widget

33+ Default Language

Unlimited language options with 33+ default languages integrated.

7+ User Roles

All users have separate access to their dashboard and view roles allotted to them.

Academic Year

Administrator can set and manage Academic year/ Session from dashboard.

Role & Permission

Admin can create Unlimited User Role and assign Permission to that user.

User Management

System Administrator can Manage all users to activate & deactivate their account.

Activity Log

System Admin can see all users activity using this module.

Publish Feedback

System Admin can Publish and Unpublish Guardian feedback.

Backup Database

System Administrator can take system database backup using this module.

Visitor Info

Visitor entry/exit can be maintain using this feature

Call Logs

Using this feature front desk officer can manage/ entry all types of phone call

Postal Dispatch

Using this feature front desk officer can manage/ entry all types of postal Dispatch documents

Postal Receive

Using this feature front desk officer can manage/ entry all types of postal Receive documents

Leave Management

Manage all types of users specially student teacher and employee leave using this module

Backup Database

System Administrator can update, backup & restore system database using this module.

Human Resource

Manage institution's employees and employee's designation using this module.


Manage all teacher's information like add new teacher and delete / resign teacher.


Manage all classes information including student's reports , migration , promotion and other data.


Manage sections of all the classes with students and respective class teacher profile data.


Manage subjects & assignment of class as per current session academic syllabus.


Manage syllabus of all subjects for the students & parents to view from their dashboard.

Class Routine

Manage class routine of all classes and sections.

Study Materials

Manage Subject wise Study Material for students.


Manage student's guardians information at one place.


Manage students informations & student admission.

Online Admission

Manage online students admission.

Generate ID Card

Super admin / Admin can Generate Student / Employee and Teacher ID card using this feature.

Generate Admit Card

Super admin / Admin can Generate Student Admit card using this feature.


Manages students, employees and teachers attendance information.


Manage assignment like teacher can assign a homework using this module.

Report Card

Manage exam marks with progress reports and send by email / sms.

Exam Module

Exam Module is used for managing Exam Term for each classes and students.

Exam Suggestion

Using this feature teacher can provide exam guess paper for exam.

Exam Schedule

Exam Schedule Module is used for managing Exam time schedule.

Exam Attendance

Exam Attendance Module is used for managing students attendance during exam.

Exam Marks

Exam Marks Module is used for managing student's exam marks.

Exam Result

Exam Result feature is used for managing students exam marks sheet.

SMS & Email

SMS & Email Module is used to send student exam result / absent notifications.


This module is used to promote student to the next session / class.


Generate certificates like transfer / testimonial / migration etc.

Library Management

Library management system from where student can issue book and return book.


Manage Library books like add, edit, issue , return and delete a book.


Manage e-books like add, edit, delete Read e-book

Transport Management

Transport management system to manage transportation easily.

Transport Vehicle

Manage Transport Vehicle including transport route using this feature.

Transport Route

Manage Transport Route using this feature.

Hostel Management

HMS is integrated to manage hostel / tenant details.

Hostel Rooms

Manage hostel rooms using this feature.


Users can send or recieve messages from other users.


Users can complain for any issue.


Administrator can publish / post notice using this feature.


Administrator can publish latest news using this feature.


Administrator can publish Holidays using this feature.

Event Management

Admini can invite for Events using this feature.

Manage Payroll

This Module helps to process Salary Payment for Employees & Teachers.

SMS Ready

User can send sms to student or guardian with attendance or fees reminder.

Online Payment

School can accept online fees using Payumoney, Paytm, CCavenue & PayPal.


Using this feature all incomes can be managed under one roof.


Expenditure module to manage all the institute's expenditure.


Manage / Generate all kinds of payment invoice like student fees.


Generate 20+ Default Reports with unlimited variations on single tap.

Media Gallery

Manage media gallery to upload images & videos with latest institute events.

Reset Password

Admin also can reset any user password on-demand if needed.

Manage Profile

Users can update their profile information , change password and many more.

Frontend Ready

Using this module you can enable / disable Frontend website.

Live chat support

Every user dashboard is integrated with live chat support feature.